2017 Conference

The 2017 APCA Conference was hosted by Prof. Natalie Stoianoff. The theme was:

“What’s so Special About the Asian-Pacific? The Region, People and Law”

29-31 October 2017

University of Technology Sydney, Faculty of Law, Building 5, Block B, Corner of Quay St & Ultimo Rd, Haymarket 

The 2017 Conference was a highly interesting, insightful and extremely fun experience. The general question addressed at the conference was: 

The Asian-Pacific is currently 'sexy' in the intellectual property world. More and more nations in the region are finding their voices and there is an increasing recognition of the potential for copyright to be used within the region to its benefit as well as advantages to be gained by the region working together as a unit. But what is it that makes the Asian-Pacific region so special? 

Presenters took the question and ran with it in every imaginable direction. Copyright law with respect to art, history, culture, internet, and future technology were just some of the fascinating topics discussed. All in all, the Conference was undoubtedly riveting as well as thought provoking, but the experience was not confined to the walls of the University. Once the sun went down, conference attendees took to the waters, where they enjoyed a delicious dinner and drinks, whilst floating around the gorgeous Sydney Harbour. The luxury liner even had live music, which served nicely as background melodies for further fascinating copyright discussion.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speaker: Hong Xue

Hong Xue 

Beijing Normal University   
Christoph Antons

Christoph Antons

The University of Newcastle
Miranda Forsyth

Miranda Forsyth

Australian National University

Organising Committee

Susan Corbett, A/Professor, Victoria Business School, Victoria University of Wellington

Jessica C. Lai, Senior Lecturer, Victoria Business School, Victoria University of Wellington

Natalie Stoianoff, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney

Isabella Alexander, A/Professor, University of Technology Sydney

Evana Wright, Research Fellow, University of Technology Sydney

Genevieve Wilkinson, Teaching Fellow, University of Technology 

In Conjunction With:

Note: This event was compatible with Continued Professional Development (CPD).